Three Benefits Of Using A Diversion Safe

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One of the keys to buying the right safe for your home is to thoroughly assess your options and think about how each type may suit your needs. While some people need large safes, there are a number of smaller safes that other individuals can find useful. One unique example is a diversion safe, which is different from many of its counterparts because of its appearance. Diversion safes are made to look like standard household objects. You'll see these safes in all sorts of designs. Some look like dictionaries, others look like food products, and others look like personal care products. Diversion safes tend to be affordable, but this isn't the only benefit of having one. Here are three benefits of using this type of safe.

Easy Setup

It's tough to beat the setup of a diversion safe. You simply think about where you want to put it — which is a process that can be rather fun, given the unique look of this safe — and place it where you decide. For example, if you have a diversion safe that looks like a dictionary, you might clear a space on your bookshelf and slide the safe between two actual books. Or, in the case of a diversion safe that looks like a can of food, you can set it on a shelf in your pantry. Certain other safes, including wall and floor safes, require more setup time and effort.


Some types of safes, including wall and floor safes, aren't very portable. There's no debating the value that these safes can offer, but if you're looking for a product that you can move from location to location, a diversion safe is often a good choice. For example, you might keep this safe in your home but want to have a safe when you travel to the cottage. It's extremely easy to place this product in your suitcase and take it with you.


There's something undeniably exciting about using a diversion safe. It's hard not to feel like a secret agent when you slide what appears to be a book out of your bookshelf, only to open the cover to reveal a metal plate with a lock that you can open to gain access to your valuables. While you'll only want to show this safe to trusted family members and friends, it can be fun to surprise them with it. Shop for a diversion safe at a store that carries various safe types.

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