2 Tips For Choosing New Outdoor Furniture For Your Patio

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Whether you have recently moved into a home with a large patio or have had one built onto your house, the warmer weather may have you thinking about how to furnish the space. While looking over your options, you may feel overwhelmed by the different styles, colors, and materials you have to choose from.

While you want the pieces to match your personal style and the colors of your home's decor, you first need to think about their construction and required maintenance. When choosing new outdoor furniture for your patio, start with the tips discussed below to help you get started making your selection.

1. Choose a Frame Material That Will Not Rot or Deteriorate When Left Outside All Season

One thing you should consider when choosing furniture for your patio is the material with which the frames are constructed. Since the furniture will be left outside, you want to make sure that you choose pieces that have frames that will not rot or deteriorate when exposed to inclement weather.

While wooden frames have a rustic appeal, for example, you need to make sure they are treated so they can resist moisture. If you like metal, choose pieces that have a waterproof coating. If neither of these is your style, vinyl frames will not rot but should be thick to avoid breakage.

2. Select Fabric for the Cushions That Is Easy to Wash as Well as Water- and Fade-resistant 

Another thing to consider when choosing patio furniture is the fabric for the cushions. Even if you think you will remember to bring them in every time it rains, this may not be possible if you are not at home or if you forget about them.

You should select a fabric that is either naturally water- and fade-resistant or has been treated with a coating to help preserve the fibers and keep them from becoming moldy or mildewy. Ideally, the cushion covers should be removable so that you can throw them in the washing machine whenever they get dirty.

Along with choosing frame and cushion fabric materials that will not deteriorate or become worn while outside, plan ahead for what activities you will be using the furniture for, such as hosting large gatherings or simply having a place for your immediate family members to enjoy the patio. This will help you determine the number of pieces as well as the sturdiness of their construction. For more information on patio furniture, contact a professional near you.

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