Three Benefits Of A Floor Safe

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Adding a safe to your home gives you the confidence that you can keep your most valuable and treasured possessions safe. Whether you're worried about a natural disaster such as a flood, a break-in, or another calamity, you can be confident that whatever you store in your safe will remain secure. Stores that specialize in safes carry all sorts of products, so you can browse the options to find one in the size that you need. One popular product is a floor safe, which you install in your floor. While the installation process can be extensive, this type of safe offers several benefits.

Easy To Hide

Many people favor floor safes because of how easy they are to hide. If you're concerned about a break-in and you don't want any intruders to be able to locate your safe, a floor model can be a good choice. With the safe built into your floor, you can cover the top in a number of ways. A simple area rug can work well, as the average burglar isn't going to lift the rug to see what's under it. If you don't anticipate needing quick access to the safe, you can install it in a location where you can place a heavy piece of furniture over it.

Difficult To Remove

When a burglar is able to find a safe in someone's home, they generally have two options — attempt to break the safe open or remove it entirely with a plan to open it elsewhere. While a burglar is unlikely to spot your floor safe, it isn't necessarily a major concern if they find it. Depending on how you install the floor safe, it can be difficult or virtually impossible to remove. For example, if you put it in your garage floor with concrete around it, the average burglar will not be able to pull the safe out. Provided that you buy a high-quality floor safe that is difficult to break open, your items will remain secure.

Easy Access For You

One feature that many floor safes have is a drop slot. This is a narrow slot in the door of the safe that allows you to slide cash, envelopes, and other narrow things through it. Many other safes don't have this feature, and you may find that you use it more than you'd expect. The biggest advantage of the drop slot is that you can place items in the safe quickly and easily without having to open the door. If you imagine that you'll add cash to the safe daily — which may be applicable if you work as a restaurant server and earn cash tips every day — you'll appreciate a floor safe's drop slot.

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