3 Avantages Of An Adjustable Mattress For New Mothers

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The purchase of a new mattress comes with many options. One of the options you can choose is an adjustable base for the mattress. A mattress base allows a person to easily change the position of a mattress for comfort and relaxation. If you're a new mother, then you will find many advantages for the mattress as you handle your newborn.

Learn several ways an adjustable mattress can help new mothers and make the transition with a new baby easier.

1. Breastfeeding Positions

If you breastfeed a newborn, then the positions you lay in can vary on a day-to-day basis. Instead of leaning on your arm or laying with minimal support, an adjustable bed will help you find a comfortable position. For example, you could raise the back part of the bed upwards so you have proper back support.

You can angle the head of the bed up slightly to get in a comfortable laying position that will soothe the baby. With remote control access, you do not need to leave the comfort of your bed to adjust your position. The adjustments make it easier to breastfeed in the middle of the night and allow you to remain rested on the mattress.

2. Lifting Up Babies

If you need to get up and out of bed with the baby, avoid using all of your force or making sudden movements with the baby. Slowly raise the bed upward until you are in a seating position and then easily swing your legs off the bed and stand as you carry the baby.

Many adjustable mattresses feature one-touch settings so you can go to a sit-up position instantly. The lack of movements on your part will help keep a baby still and prevent you from startling them awake.

3. Comfort & Back Pain

Carrying around a newborn baby can cause all kinds of back pain. A flat mattress may not be enough to relieve you of the pain. One way to help is with an adjustable mattress. The mattress can elevate your legs, relieve pressure from your back and help increase blood flow through your body.

All of those elements will help you wake up with less back pain and provide you with better options as you sleep. After giving birth, a new mother's body goes through a lot of recoveries and a comfortable mattress with adjustable positions can make a big difference.

As you visit a mattress store, check out all of the available options and choose the best mattress to fit your needs. 

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