What Type Of Bed Is Best For You?

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There are many brands of beds out there to choose from and nearly all of them can help you sleep more comfortably and get more supported rest at night. Which type of bed is best for you? You have the classic brands that you know—such as Tempurpedic—and other off-brands or names you aren't familiar with.

Several bed manufacturers make a variety of beds to meet the sleep needs and budgets of their customers. It's up to you to determine which bed style and type are right for you. From your classic box spring to a hybrid that consists of a spring and a gel or foam top mattress to several other styles in between, here's a guide to introduce you to some of the beds you might want to buy and why. If you want to stick to a brand name, such as Tempurpedic, choose a mattress retailer that sells the brands you love for the best selections and deals.

Do you want temperature-controlled sleep?

There are mattresses out there with liquid-filled cooling sections to help make sleep more achievable if you wish to sleep more coolly at night. Other mattresses have wool and other insulating materials in them to make rest more warm and cozy at night while body heat is regulated. If you don't want to change your mattress out entirely to get a more temperature-regulated sleep, you can simply get a mattress topper.

Do you want firm and supported sleep?

If sleeping in a custom fashion for your hips and spine is what you're after, consider a Tempurpedic bed or another style of bed that has a gel top or ample springs in it for a firm yet comfortable sleep. Some beds have memory foam in them in addition to other supportive features to help the people using them feel more supported while they rest. You can also invest in supportive neck rests and pillows to give you a comfortable rest.

Do you want a versatile rest for you and your bedmate?

Do you have a bedmate who wants to sleep in the same bed, but sleeps differently than you? Consider a Tempurpedic or other brand you love that has a versatile bed setting for both sides of the bed. The bed's firmness and positioning can be customized for the best rest all the way around. These beds can be worth the investment as they offer several versatile options for great sleep.

To learn more or discuss more options for your new mattress, contact a mattress supplier near you—such as MAttress Xperts.

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