Making Your Older Furniture Look New Again

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Whether it's tables, chairs, cupboards, or bed frames, every piece of furniture you have will age at some rate. Those left in constant sunlight or that get used a lot will age faster than others, but the slow ticking of time will eventually take its toll on everything. For many people this can be quite frustrating as the furniture itself still holds a lot of value and does its job well, it just doesn't look so good anymore. That is why you should consider using a furniture refinishing contractor who can take your old pieces and turn them into something that looks brand new again.

Scrape off the Old Facade to Reveal the New Just Underneath

For most pieces of furniture, beauty is skin deep. That means that although it might look quite rough and ragged on the outside, internally there is a lot still to love about it. Older pieces of furniture often had much higher construction quality and were handmade by expert craftsmen. All you need to do to reveal another fabulous facade is to carefully remove the old one in a way that does not damage the structural integrity of the furniture. A professional furniture refinishing company can do so without ruining an otherwise very beautiful piece.

Protect It for the Future

There are many ways in which you can extend this new facade that you have just revealed, but all need to be done carefully and with attention to detail. From lacquers to epoxy, there is a wide variety of chemical components out there and knowing which one to use is just as important as applying it delicately and evenly. These finishes not only protect the furniture but also make it glisten in the sunlight just like it did when it came out of the warehouse it was created in for the very first time. 

Fix Minor Structural Issues

While most of what a furniture refinisher does is based on the looks of the item and not the form or structural elements, they can do minor touch-ups. For example, often a special type of glue is used to keep wooden furniture steady and in place, and this can dry out and disappear over long periods of time. Furniture refinishing stores can easily apply a new dab of glue to make sure it feels as sturdy as ever and that so that it doesn't squeak as much when you use it! 

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