Health Benefits of Stand-Up Desks

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Stand-up desks are excellent for beating inactivity. They've been around for years, but it's only now that they're gaining popularity as more people realize their health benefits. Whether you're a student, work a desk job, or lead a sedentary lifestyle, you have likely experienced health issues from sitting for too many hours at a time.

A stand-up desk allows you to break the monotony of sitting, so you don't end up feeling lethargic in the course of your day. And since they're height-adjustable, you're able to find a suitable posture that doesn't hurt your back or neck. This article will highlight four benefits of using a solid wood stand up desk.

Reduced Back Pains

The main culprit of back pain is slouching, which you're more likely to do when seated. In fact, for most people, sitting in a slumped posture comes more naturally than sitting upright. Repeatedly pushing out your back tenses your muscles, which results in lower and upper back pains.

When you alternate between sitting at your desk and using a stand-up desk, you can straighten your back and prevent the muscles from tensing up. After a while, you won't complain about back pains because standing will help you reestablish good posture. So even when you're seated, your back will automatically remain straight because it shall have gotten used to it.

Boost Productivity

Since your brain highly associates sitting with comfort, you can easily slip into laziness if you are seated. But when you stand, your body tends to be more active because of the improved blood circulation throughout your body. So, when you use a stand-up desk, you're more likely to be productive than when you're seated at your desk. A stand-up desk breaks your relatively sedentary work life and allows you to engage better with your work.

Reduced Risk of Weight Gain

Weight gain is the elephant in the room that everyone is clearly aware of, but no one wants to talk about. Almost everyone knows that inactivity can eventually lead to weight gain, but not many take the initiative to stay active.

The reason for this is many people dread exerting their body through physical exercise. But with a stand-up desk, you don't have to register at your local gym or run a mile in the morning to keep off the weight. Choosing to stand instead of sitting significantly steadies your metabolism, preventing you from gaining weight.

It's clear that the more time you spend standing than sitting, the better your health will be. So don't hesitate to invest in a stand-up desk to enjoy these and so many other health benefits.  

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