Reasons to Choose a Hickory Chair

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Hickory chair furniture can be a great addition to your home. If you're looking for well-made, solid wood furniture, hickory can be one of your best options. Here are a few of the reasons why hickory is such a great choice.

1. Hickory has beautiful wood grain

Many manufacturers in the modern era don't bother using beautiful materials to construct their furniture. Plastic, aluminum, and other materials are commonly used. But wood grain has a beauty all its own, and any wood furniture tends to have an aesthetic appeal no matter what style it's constructed in. Hickory wood grain, while the details can vary a bit, tends to be a very attractive surface for your furniture.

2. Hickory is dense and hard-wearing

Woods used for construction and furniture are often grouped into softwoods and hardwoods. Denser wood grains, typically created by a slow, steady rate of tree growth, tend to be harder wood, while less dense woods tend to be softwood. Hickory wood is not only a hardwood, it's one of the hardest hardwoods out there. It's so dense and hard-wearing that it's often used floors, so you can imagine how well it could work for a chair.

3. Hickory goes well with many kinds of decor

If you're wondering where you'll fit the hickory chair in with your decor, worry no more. Hickory can fit in well with many different decor styles and color schemes. Like most other woods, it tends to be a neutral color and this helps it to fit in well. 

Some of the decor styles that hickory can fit in with include Victorian, farmhouse, mid-century modern, industrial, beach-themed, and more. And you can find hickory chairs with different finishes to help them fit in with different color schemes, or accessorize the chair with a cushion in your desired color scheme to help it look more at home.

4. Hickory can even be used outside

Many hickory chair makers have one or more models designed to be used as porch furniture. If kept out of the weather, these chairs can hold up a long time outdoors, assuming you maintain them properly. Talk to your chair supplier about how to care for your hickory chair and whether it needs any maintenance (such as regular re-sealings) to help it resist bugs and moisture.

These are just some of the reasons why hickory wood is such a great material for your next chair. Get in touch with a local hickory chair maker today to pick out the best chair for you. 

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