Buying A Dining Room Set? Consider Chairs With Armrests

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When you shop for a new set of dining room furniture, you'll need to spend time evaluating both the table and the chairs. You certainly want a table that meets your design criteria, given how this piece of furniture is a focal point in the room, but it's useful to also consider the look and function of the chairs. Your family members will spend countless hours seated in your dining room chairs in the years ahead, so it's important to pick the right ones. Some dining room chairs have armrests, while others do not. Here are some reasons that the former style can be a better choice.

More Comfort

The support that armrests provide when someone is seated at the dining room table can offer comfort. Even though people may not use the armrests when they're actively eating, they'll appreciate being able to place their arms on this part of the chair between courses or after the meal when people are chatting. Without armrests, people may need to hold their shoulders tighter as they sit, which isn't as relaxing as being able to rest their arms on the armrests.

Fewer Conflicts For Children

While some dining room chairs have open-style armrests, others are enclosed. This means that the space below each armrest is solid. You may favor this style if you have children who occasionally have conflicts with each other at mealtime. For example, a child who is seated in a chair without armrests might be able to subtly poke their sibling who is seated next to them, leading to an argument. When the chairs have enclosed armrests, this type of contact is less likely. The result can be more of a pleasant dining experience for your family.

Less Mess On The Floor

Enclosed armrests on your dining room chairs can do more than just minimize conflicts between siblings. This style of chair may also help to keep your dining room floor clean. Children often drop food while they eat, and some of the food ends up on their lap or on the seat of the chair. When a chair lacks armrests, the food will often slide off onto the floor — resulting in a time-consuming clean-up job for you after each meal. Enclosed armrests can be ideal because they'll trap the food on the chair, rather than allowing it to fall to the floor. While you'll still need to pick the food off the chair, you'll appreciate not having to clean the floor, too.

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