4 Types Of Outdoor Barbecues To Perfect Your Patio

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One of the best ways to enjoy time outside in the summer with friends and family is by sharing a meal around the barbecue. You can make great meat and vegetarian menus on a grill. When it comes to outdoor grills, you need to know your options, as different barbeques produce different types of effects.


One of the most classic types of grills is a charcoal barbeque. You can get a small travel-sized one that is perfect for camping trips and picnics, or you can get a full-size grill that allows you to cook for a big group.

If you want to get a dark crust on your meat, you want a charcoal grill. The fuel is easy to get and inexpensive. The one thing to keep in mind is that charcoal barbeques are designed to allow for long and slow cooking, so if you want something that will quickly cook your food, look at a different option.


Another type of grill that is popular is a gas-powered one. You can get one that is powered by either propane or by natural gas. With a propane barbeque, you can heat it using a portable tank. With a natural gas grill, you will need to hook up your home's natural gas line.

One of the significant benefits of cooking with gas is that it burns clean and hot and it is easy to start your grill. It doesn't get as hot as a charcoal grill, but you can easily control the temperature. Gas is great for cooking vegetables, chicken, and fish.


An electric grill is great because you don't need to buy any fuel for it. All you have to do is plug it into a power outlet. This is an excellent alternative if you live somewhere where you cannot have a charcoal or gas barbeque, such as an apartment complex. You will not get a traditional smoky flavor, but you will get to enjoy cooking outside.

Kamado Grills

A kamado grill uses charcoal. However, it is shaped differently than a traditional charcoal grill. It has an oval shape instead of the traditional rectangular shape associated with the other three grill types. They are made with ceramic and covered with insulated steel. They are excellent at retaining heat and thus don't even use that much charcoal. You can also heat it with wood. With a kamado grill, you can enjoy both traditional grilling and can use it as a smoker as well.

When choosing an outside barbeque to enjoy some meals with your family and friends, think about what type of fuel source you want to use for the grill. Then, figure out if you want a travel size, compact, or full-size grill; the size you get should be based upon how much food you want to grill at once.

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